Bukarest, Rumänien

An dieser Stelle stellt unsere Tierschützerin Laura Fincu sich und ihre Arbeit vor. Sie arbeitet in einer Tierklinik in der Nähe von Bukarest und ist Gründerin der Sache-Foundation.

„Our mission is to reduce the number of homeless animals as much as possible in a continuously expanding area while striving to make an impact on communities by educating them on animal welfare and the benefits of animal rescue.
We rescue, spay/neuter and offer medical support to all animals before finally finding a loving home for them. Sache Foundation comes as a solution for people and animals in need, our clinic offers free spay/neutering, free treatments, vaccines and surgeries for homeless animals and animals belonging to people with a poor financial situation.
We work in a below average economy area where people rely heavily on dogs due to a lack of protection and infrastructure. Sadly, many people cannot afford to properly care for their animals as far as feeding, vaccinating and basic medical care is concerned. Our presence there encourages the population to seek medical help for their animals and we always take time to offer them a minimal medical education that will greatly improve their animal’s welfare.

Aside from our rescue activity, we are also taking in volunteers and University students to take part in activities such as our Spay Campaigns. Sache Foundation is also currently working on starting a Training/Exchange Program for foreign students and veterinarians, an important initiative that will provide valuable experience to all participants.

You can find us at our Clinic in Tartasesti, Dambovita County, 20 kilometers from Bucharest. Tartasesti is a commune with a professionally diverse population, there are citizens who either commute to work in Bucharest or work and live off the land. The recorded number of dogs here is approximately 3000 and only in one year we spayed/neutered 1500 animals here, in our area.“

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